This is the true epiphany of synergy.

Welcome to whatever this is.

I make websites, game mods, utilities, web experiments, and many other types of miscellaneous projects that end up in this place. Here I host a variety of different things, and chances are unless you know me or got linked here you likely reached this site through one of the many subdomains or folders that I placed here at some point. Whether you're here out of curiousity or for something more serious, I bid you a fair welcome to my humble abode.

Pro Web Design

I am not a professional web developer, and I currently do not do major projects for commercial use. While I know HTML and CSS (and even PHP and a pinch of JS to boot), I do this on my own time and in an amateur fashion. With school, robotics, TSA, and other things taking up my time, I will likely not be able to do many serious web design or programming projects unless you know me. But heck, if you really need me, feel free to shoot me an E-Mail. I might be able to make you up something real quick if you need it, especially if it's non-commercial and for a good reason.

Pro App Development

I'm not in the pro application development area either, and do those things in an amateur fashion as well. I am proficient in Java, with a touch of C from Robotics and bits from other languages through curiosity or experimentation. As before, if it's something both non-commercial and cool, there's a chance I might be able to help. If you think I could help, shoot me an E-Mail.

Pro Hosting

I do not usually host projects or sites on here unless you happen to know me. For people that do know me, talk to me or send me an E-Mail about it and I can usually work something out. Otherwise, sorry, I don't really do hosting. Feel free to get hosting from one of many other great web hosts out there, including some great free ones. Except GoDaddy, avoid GoDaddy at all costs.


I do sometimes show my face on social media, you can find the ones that I willingly divulge on my contact page.